Cory Basso

Cory Basso

Cory Basso

Senior Partner

I have a strong background in building and transforming Brands in a diverse list of categories using 360-degree surround sound Marketing to drive sales and Customer Loyalty.


Brand Strategy and Identity

Corry Basso is a Consumer-centric Marketing, Advertising, Digital, Branding industry expert with over 35 years of experience working on many of the largest brands in the World. Cory works with Clients to help them transform their Brands and Products and overall Marketing Strategy.


  • Brand Building and Brand Transformation
  • Product and Establishment Naming, Design, Branding
  • Digital Transformation


  • Automotive – Toyota USA, Mazda
  • Beverage – Heineken Worldwide, Coors Light, Molson, Texas Beer Company
  • Electronics – Sony USA
  • Financial Services  – Farmers Insurance, Capital One
  • Retail – H-E-B
  • Sports Marketing – Spurs, Texans, Astros, Cowboys

35 years of operating and agency experience

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Operator Spotlight

Cory led the Agency pitch for Y&R/NY for Sony USA, back when Sony was the leader in the category. Cory and team launched the first Plasma TV, first Portable MP3 Player, first Digital Camera  Marketing campaigns, among many others in 17 categories.

Cory left H-E-B, a $29 Billion Retailer, after growing his team from 30 to 120 and building a Digital Department from scratch.  H-E-B has one of the strongest Brands and highest Customer Loyalty in the US. Cory was Awarded the AAF Innovation and Leadership in Advertising Award in 2014 for his Team’s work at H-E-B, along with countless of other awards.

Toyota USA, Heineken Worldwide, Coors Light, Molson, Texas Beer Company, H-E-B, Capital One, Sony USA, Quaker Oats, Farmers Insurance, Spurs, Texans, Astros, Cowboys.

Consulting Spotlight

Cory pitched an idea to Texas Beer Company that operates in the extremely crowded Craft Beer category. As a result, Texas Beer Company is  launching K9 Lager to support K9 for Warriors in June 2021. A portion of all proceeds will go to buy Service Animals for Wounded Warriors.

Cory left H-E-B in 2020 to apply his vast company and agency experience to help clients in an advisory and consulting capacity.

UV Angel, Texas Beer Company, Janicek Law, Witte Museum.


Cory has won over 100 Industry Awards.


  • American Marketing Association
  • American Ad Federation


  • Children’s Shelter
  • St. PJ’s Children’s Home
  • Mission Road Ministries
  • Eva’s Heroes
  • Morgan’s Wonderland

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