“There is no point in undertaking a marketing program unless it is measureable”


Senior Partner

Scott Hildebrand is a senior marketing executive with a successful record of impacting business through a combination of innovative strategies, creative communications and operational excellence – primarily driven by data, analytics and direct/digital marketing at companies including: Frito-Lay, Marriott, KFC, Capital One, and Chase.


  • Direct Marketing
  • Marketing Operations
  • Data/Analytics


  • Financial Services
  • wireless
  • B2B

32 years operating experience  •  7  years consulting experience


Operator Spotlight

Capital One – Scott led a captive agency that drove the brand’s No Hassle positioning into one of the largest direct marketing organizations in the country, lifting new account originations to the highest in history.

  • Mailed 2B pieces annually
  • Responsible for total staff of 250, including 75 internal creatives and 15+ agencies
  • Managed $700mm spend
  • Negotiated the first private-company postal rate with the USPS
  • Directly managed massive print and logistics operations
  • Built the largest pre-approved prospect database in the US
  • Led relationships with all three credit bureaus
  • Worked with Congress on financial services and direct marketing legislation
  • Drove the execution of 60,00 test cells in a single year

Scott held Senior Operating roles for these brands:

Frito-Lay, Marriott, KFC, Capital One, Chase

Consulting Spotlight

For a large automotive manufacturer:

On the cusp of launching several new vehicles our team was asked to develop target customer profiles. Using company records, third party data, sophisticated modeling techniques and creative thinking we were able to segment the market with a precision the company had never before experienced. In the process, several new customer segments (women and young families) were identified that had previously been masked by purchase data that favored males in the household.

Armed with these insights, the brand team and agencies created whole new campaigns aimed directly at these targets, availing themselves of direct marketing tactics for the first time.

A few of the brands that Scott has served in a Consulting role:

T-Mobile, nTelos, CAN Capital, Edelman Financial, Nexeo Solutions, PBS, Bertlelsmann, Nissan, Sunoco, SKF


As an SME on financial services marketing regulations, Scott was invited by the US Federal Reserve Bank to a forum to brief regulators and competitors on new approaches to improve consumer awareness and understanding of financial services products

  • Asked to testify before both the US Senate and House of the renewal of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, representing Capital One
  • Received the Direct Marketing Association’s Meritorious Achievement award.
  • Direct Marketing Association; served on Board of Directors


Guest speaker/lecturer at several institutions; University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce, VCU Interactive Marketing Institute, Darden School of Business.

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