“Most people believe that its not possible to predict the future…. That’s simply not true if you study the market and understand customer behaviors and insights.  This requires an outside in approach and most organizations operate inside out.”


Senior Partner

Jeff Hopper is a strategic business leader focused on marketing innovation. He has leveraged his cutting-edge knowledge and product development skills to create meaningful connections between consumers’ needs and technology for companies including: Intel, Hewlett-Packard, T-Mobile, Polaroid, and Ziba Design.


  • Marketing: Strategy, Brand & Communications, Channel & Promotions
  • General Manager, people management, Business management, P&L
  • Product innovation, development, product marketing/management
  • Customer & User Experience design, development, execution


  • Technology: Computing, software, Printing, AR/VR, All Digital Devices/Technology and Ecosystems
  • Design
  • Retail
  • Sports & Entertainment

25 years operating experience  •  5  years consulting experience

Operator Spotlight


  • Became the #1 market share leader of digital cameras in the U.S. market within 2 years against entrenched competitors
  • Led a turnaround of the HP Scanner business against a government subsidized plan to take over the industry


  • Developed the first Android Smartphone with Google as a response to the iPhone
  • As VP-Marketing and interim CMO for 18 months, led key marketing growth and innovation initiatives across new phones, new services, channel expansion, and customer retention


  • As CMO, led the revitalization efforts for the Polaroid brand
  • As General Manager, led the creation of a new consumer imaging product and user experience that reset the value proposition of the consumer photo printing market

Jeff held Senior Operating roles for these brands:

Hewlett-Packard, Polaroid, T-Mobile, Intel

Consulting Spotlight

  • Reconstructed Hewlett-Packard’s entire go-to-market system
  • Reinvented radio as we know it with Sirus XM

A few of the brands that Jeff has served in a Consulting role:

Procter & Gamble, State Farm, Sirius XM, Technicolor/Dreamworks, Logitech, Nike, Fed-Ex


Advertising Age top 100 award.

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