Gita Chari Mattes

“I’m a firm believer in finding the ideal balance between being visionary and being pragmatic.  It is in that sweet spot that brands thrive and strategy turns into tangible, sustainable business results”.


Senior Partner

Gita is a branding and marketing strategy consultant with extensive experience working with a range of companies in senior leadership and advisory roles.  Gita has successfully led brand strategy and commercialization for powerhouse brands like Victoria’s Secret, Timberland, and Kellogg in addition to leading engagements for clients such as Procter & Gamble, T-Mobile, Luxottica, and The Art of Shaving.

As a past practitioner, Gita brings with her a sense of actionable planning for maximum results.  Her experience across a range of industries has earned Gita a reputation as a creative thinker, innovative problem-solver, and pragmatic advisor focused on driving consumer engagement and sustainable business growth.


  • Growth Strategy
  • Branding
  • Marketing & Commercialization
  • Innovation


  • Consumer Goods
  • Retail

17 years operating experience  •  12  years consulting experience

Operator Spotlight

At KitchenEtc, Gita was part of the executive team that took a startup to a formidable industry player.  From crafting the brand positioning to building a marketing team and launching the first brand campaign, first in-store experience program, first catalog, Gita very soon brought rigor and discipline to the organization, while fostering a sense of creativity and a brand-first results orientation.

Filene’s / May Company, Kellogg’s, Timberland, KitchenEtc., Victoria’s Secret, Lenscrafters


Kimberly Clark:  Gita delivered a revamped global brand positioning with a roadmap for innovation & growth to the organization.  The strategy and plan was embraced by the global organization with its consumer-centered insights and collaborative approach to strategy and decision-making across all markets across the globe.

The Art of Shaving:  Gita worked closely with the CEO and Chief Creative Officer of The Art of Shaving to facilitate the due diligence process with senior leaders of companies interested in acquiring the successful brand.  Gita worked with senior leaders of P&G on strategy and growth opportunities for The Art of Shaving, successfully positioning the brand for acquisition.

The Art of Shaving, P&G, Kimberly Clark, ConAgra, McAffee,

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