Abigail Nix

Abigail Nix

Associate Partner


Digital Marketing

Abi Nix is an expert in both generating demand and capturing it. She operates using a combination of digital and traditional marketing channels to drive results and establish high-performance go-to-market mechanisms in the process.


  • Growth marketing with a focus on digital strategy and execution
  • A/B, multivariate, and omnichannel testing
  • Hispanic consumer market


  • Automotive
  • Financial

7 years of operating experience  •  2  years consulting experience

Operator Spotlight

Tricolor Auto – Sells and finances autos for the Hispanic community

Drove an incremental 24 sales a month worth an additional $4.3M in revenue by launching Facebook as a new channel using ads for a targeted audience as well as utilizing lookalike and remarketing campaigns.

Increased appointments set by 10% at an inbound/outbound, offshore call center by changing the strategy, approach, and tools; instilled in the team a new mindset that values initiative and made them self-managing.

Increased search-related sales 15% resulting in an additional $1M in annual revenue through improved targeting, optimizing the keyword list, identifying and bidding on competitor keywords, and developing and implementing a strategy for mobile devices.

One Technologies – Online provider of consumer credit information and identity monitoring

Created test plans and optimized the mobile marketing path for various online channels through A/B testing, finding winners that showed statistically significant lifts in backend metrics like first bill rate and trial period survival rate.

Developed and recommended A/B tests with innovative design and functionality ideas to improve over a dozen online marketing paths, often finding winners yielding conversion rate boosts by over 5% while efficiently managing the entire process and completing statistically rigorous analyses.

Abigail held Senior Operating roles for these brands:

Tricolor Auto, One Technologies

Consulting Spotlight

Hispanic Mortgage Company:
Served as an outsourced CMO to develop and execute a marketing strategy that kept both short-term (CTA campaigns to drive revenue quickly) and long-term (SEO strategy) goals in mind. Beat KPI goals by over 25% week over week, boosting the company’s profitability and growth projections, while validating the business model, marketing strategy, and the consumer demand.

Coupon Mobile App:
Developed a social media strategy that cut Cost per Install in half through channel optimization, saving the company almost $200k annually, and drove an incremental 250 installs per month worth an additional $70k in annual revenue.

Boutique Luxury Car Dealership:
Increased search related leads by 42% resulting in a 7% increase in sales overall through improved targeting using negative zip codes, keyword optimization, and display campaigns.

Decreased social media costs by over 70%, increased engagements (page likes, messages, shares, etc.) by 203%, and increased website sessions from social media by 876%, resulting in an incremental 15% increase in leads by A/B testing creatives, utilizing video ads, and employing super-targeted audience segments.


  • Sierra Club
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • ACLU
  • Spent 6 months teaching English to young girls in Punjab, India
  • Volunteered for 1 month with LAST, an organization that protects the critically endangered Leatherback Sea Turtles
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