“The new rule of business is innovate or die, and with disruption coming for every industry from finance to CPG to entertainment, brands need to view disruption as an opportunity as opposed to a threat. Those that are able to reframe their view on disrutption will not only survive, but thrive.”


Associate Partner

Nicola Smith’s understanding of the compelling connection between technology and human behavior drive her approach to innovation and digital marketing, in turn helping her identify macro and emerging trends, develop innovation programs and marketing strategies, and create engaging campaigns for companies such as: Coca-Cola, Verizon Wireless, Maybelline, 20th Century Fox, Mondelez, Turner, Nike, and Puma.


  • Innovation strategy and framework development
  • Consumer and emerging trends research
  • Challenger brand development and strategy
  • Content and Omnichannel marketing strategy development (social, mobile, influencer marketing, in-store, experiential etc.)
  • Emerging technology testing and implementation strategy (Voice UI, gestural control, NFC, RFID, virtual reality, augmented reality, wearables, IoT, Smart City etc.)


  • Telecom
  • CPG
  • Retail
  • Financial Services
  • Entertainment

16 years operating experience  •  2  years consulting experience

Operator Spotlight

Moxie and Engauge: For almost 10 years Nicola worked on the agency side of the business building out teams focused on researching and applying emerging trends in consumer behavior, emerging technology and media/distribution platforms.

  • Developed one of the first social media and social listening practices in the industry for brands like Verizon Wireless, Coca-Cola, Turner, HP and Focus Brands
  • Led strategy for one of the first uses of Augmented Reality technology for a brand in the US – Verizon Wireless Star Trek promotion
  • Led strategy for the Verizon Wireless The Dark Night sponsorship digital campaign that included a full 3D rendering of Gotham City and interactive video experience “Commit Your Friend to Arkum Asylum”
  • Led strategy for Nike interactive DOOH experience at Nike Women’s Running events
  • Developed RFID enabled conference check in experience for Cisco
  • Developed gesture triggered photobooth experience for IHG

Nicola held Senior Operating roles for these brands:

Coca-Cola, Verizon Wireless, Maybelline, 20th Century Fox, Mondelez, Turner, Nike, Puma

Consulting Spotlight

Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce:

Developed business, product and marketing strategy for the first “place-based” content network – THEA to promote and engage with the Creative community in Atlanta and attract young, creative talent to the city. – www.thea.network

A midsized financial holding company:

Developed a new brand positioning and strategy based on the principles of building a Challenger Brand. Started by doing a series of interviews with stakeholders across the organization, and facilitating work shop teams to help them redefine the brand which culminated in a 2 day workshop with the team. From there the new brand positioning and narrative was refined and we moved into redeveloping the Branding elements themselves including brand name, logo development, marketing and branding collateral development etc.

A few of the brands that Nicola has served in a Consulting role:

Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, JVLATVisa, Coca Cola


  • AiMA
  • AMA
  • Digital Divas
  • Silicon Peach


  • Co-Founder of Digital Divas
  • Founder of Silicon Peach
  • Advisory Board – Alliance Theatre
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