We believe the best brand and marketing investments generate immediate returns and position our clients to deliver long-term shareholder value


  • Strategic brand positioning
  • Brand elasticity and product portfolio optimization
  • Brand architecture and naming
  • Customer experience activation blueprints and plans
  • Organizational alignment and change management


  • Marketing performance audit and opportunities
  • Marketing plan development
  • Customer loyalty strategies and programs
  • Marketing communications effectiveness
  • Marketing processes redesign
  • Best practices training and coaching


  • Market segmentation
  • Strategic innovation platforms
  • Consumer-driven product/service improvements
  • New brand/product development
  • Pricing innovation and optimization

Brand differentiation

Brand differentiation – a cornerstone of winning business strategy

We help companies rejuvenate tired brands, maximize the value of existing brand assets, and create new brands for new segments and markets.

We thoroughly assess the current consumer and competitive environment, envision future scenarios, and deliver a framework for increasing the value of a company’s portfolio of brands and products. We define how to make individual brands more potent, more consumer-relevant and better differentiated from competition, fully realizing opportunities to drive revenue, margin and share gains even in the most competitive marketplaces.

We develop a vision and concrete plans for dramatically improving performance by driving brand differentiation through the entire 360-customer experience – creating a roadmap for innovation and change across service, product, pricing, channel, and marketing communications.

Then we partner with clients to inspire and harness the full power of an organization, helping employees across all functions think and act like brand ambassadors with a deep commitment to customer delight.


Marketing performance

Marketing performance – improving marketing impact and ROI

We help companies deliver improved marketing results by auditing past performance, identifying key consumer and competitive dynamics, and partnering to address the most important opportunities.

We are involved in every aspect of marketing performance re-engineering: from over-hauling marketing strategy; to optimizing marketing mix; to building powerful new marketing plans; to helping reinvent marketing campaigns and programs, geared to both new and current customers – all focused on delivering better business results.

Plus we have the ability to help clients take marketing execution to the next level, providing hands-on resources to drive or support implementation. We emphasize sustainable performance improvements, often working with companies to audit and re-build marketing processes, design and deliver custom training and provide individual coaching for marketing excellence.



Innovation – accelerating profitable growth

We help companies sharpen innovation strategies and deliver successful new products and services to the market.

We work together to determine the most effective vectors for innovation – defining opportunity areas with the greatest potential for new products and services, deeply grounded in market and consumer insight. Then we move concepts and products through a disciplined process of development and validation. In addition, we help clients evolve existing products and services, identifying and pursuing the most potent opportunities to improve product performance and customer loyalty.

Our experience in developing and launching hundreds of new products and service ideas over 30+ years, across many categories, enables us to apply real-world best practice to confidently take new product and service programs from white board to in-market success.

In addition we bring a full range of business skills to bear, including heavyweight analytical capabilities to drive pricing innovation and optimization.